Oral Histories

The objective of videoing family and friends of our Honorees is to preserve for future generations the vitality of our young hero’s lives in a way that can never be captured on a plaque, or monument or the pages of a biographical sketch.

Families and friends had long since reconciled themselves that the treasured memories that they hold so dear, which keep their lost hero vibrant and alive in their hearts, would be lost forever once those who knew and loved them passed away.

As a consequence, when given the opportunity, they are eager to share those special stories that preserve the sum and substance of their and our lost hero in videoed interviews.

As we anticipated it would be, watching these interviews is a very personal and very emotional experience.

Clicking on a name below will take you to each young man’s biography. His oral history interviews are included there.

1st Lieutenant James R Reese

2nd Lieutenant Frederick Davenport Melton

2nd Lt Robert W Duncan

PFC Bobby Ladon Byars

PFC Monte Clifford Kinasz

PFC Gary Anderson

1st Lieutenant Ralph M Jones

LCpl Christopher Blake Rodgers

PFC Penia Roberts