Oral Histories

We record families and friends of KIAs from across Georgia, not just Spalding County, talking about their KIA who died while serving in the military during each of America’s wars since WWI. Yet it is done with a twist, unique in America we believe, because interviews focus not on how that young man or woman died but how they lived as a child, teenager, and young adult.

The objective is to preserve, for future generations, the details that can never be captured on a plaque or monument or the pages of a book. Participants share their memories and tell the stories that give vitality and meaning to the life of their lost hero. The vitality and meaning that will otherwise be lost forever when the people who knew him or her pass away.

He or she was always in trouble, boisterous, serious, hardheaded, gregarious, a honor student or a torment for teachers, a great athlete, a lousy musician, mischievous, a loving child, active in church, obsessed with a hobby, worked at night to get through school, wanted to be a teacher or maybe a preacher, left behind a loving sweetheart or spouse and on and on – preserving for the history of that family and this country the details that make up the sum and substance of the life of a hero who deserves to be remembered and honored.

Copies of these videos are given to the persons interviewed, permanently preserved in an archive accessible to the public and also considered for inclusion in a documentary created by Southern Technical College.

Click below to view some of the oral histories we have from the friends and families of these brave men and women.

1st Lieutenant James R Reese

2nd Lieutenant Frederick Davenport Melton

2nd Lt Robert W Duncan

PFC Bobby Ladon Byars

PFC Monte Clifford Kinasz

PFC Gary Anderson

1st Lieutenant Ralph M Jones

LCpl Christopher Blake Rodgers