Honor Our Killed in Action

HONOR OUR KIA is a multi faceted community project instituted by local civic and political leaders in Spalding County Georgia. Its sole purpose is to honor men and women who died while serving in the armed services of the United States during time of war from WWI to the present. To accomplish that purpose HONOR OUR KIA is currently implementing:


Individual Bronze Plaques are being installed on prominent public and private buildings memorializing each of these fallen heroes.

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In video interviews, that are permanently archived, families and friends share personal stories not of how their KIA died but about how they lived as a child, teen and young adult.

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Sunday before Memorial Day, at a solemn ceremony held at the Griffin Auditorium on 234 East Taylor Street, our children’s chorus will sing a medley of patriotic songs, the bronze plaques are dedicated and a documentary about their lost lives will debut.

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Taken individually each of these projects is a very worthwhile goal. Cumulatively they represent what a small community with a big idea, a big heart, a long memory, and a proud heritage can achieve.