Annually, until all KIA from Griffin-Spalding County are so honored, individual bronze plaques and QR codes will be installed on prominent buildings in downtown Griffin memorializing each of those fallen heroes.

Every town in America, as it should, has inspiring monuments suitably identifying servicemen and women who died in the service of our country. But unfortunately few of us make the effort to actually visit those memorials or contemplate their meaning. We declare “We’ll never forget,” but we do forget; if not the ward then the individuals who died in it.

The purpose of individual plaques placed strategically downtown, in addition to but not in place of other monuments, is to bring home to the normally disinterested person the stark reality both of how many died and who they were.

Installed on a building where we work or shop, it in effect demands our attention and the repetitive impact of seeing one plaque then another and another cannot help but impress on even the most casual passerby not only the individual memory of each KIA but cumulatively the enormity of our community’s loss.

When these plaques are recognized in conjunction with our monuments in Memorial Park, the effect locally will be a new and beneficial resurgence of patriotic awareness. Something this and every city in America would benefit from.
In addition to the information on the individual plaques about each KIA, there will be an attached QR code which enables anyone with a smart phone to click and access a much more detailed biography about that particular warrior as well as other information on our website.