Sgt James H. Proctor

Our Hometown Heroes

James H. Proctor

Chauffeur for Dr. Anthony

James H. Proctor was born August, 29, 1895. Never in his wildest dreams would Proctor imagine he would work as a chauffeur. But he did for medical Dr. E.R. Anthony of Griffin. Dr. Anthony and his wife, Addie, had three children and lived at 407 10th Street.

Proctor joined the U.S. Army and was quickly promoted to the rank of sergeant. He served the United States in World War 1, a little less than a year, when he contracted tuberculosis and died, June 18, 1919. His wife Ida was notified. Lost and forgotten to history. But forgotten no longer.

Proctor was black and was not listed on the World War I Monument.

This changed during the Memorial Day weekend, May 29-30, 2016 as Sgt. Proctor and other, “Lost and Forgotten,” World War I soldiers were honored with individual plaques and their names on the Veterans Memorial Park “Doughboy” statue. Thanks to efforts of Griffin Archivist Cynthia Barton, the Veterans Military Affairs and Honor our KIA committees, Proctor is now remembered as one of Griffin-Spalding’s Hometown Heroes.

An individual plaque honoring James H. Proctor will be installed in Griffin’s Historic District sponsored by an anonymous donor who is proud of our Hometown Heroes.