Cpl Henry E Middlebrooks


Corporal Henry Middlebrooks was born here March 20, 1929 and raised in Spalding County.

During the Korean War he joined the United States Army and was assigned to the 27th Regiment (nicknamed the “Wolfhounds”), 27th Infantry Division (nicknamed “Tropic Thunder”).

On June 25,1950 the North Korean Military crossed 38th parallel in an attack on South Korea. Acting under United Nation orders the Tropic Thunder Division moved from its base in Japan to Korea in June 1950. The division successfully completed its mission by blocking the approaches to the port city of Pusan. Other battles later in the conflict further enhanced the division’s reputation for exceptional combat effectiveness.

The division participated in the breakout from the Pusan perimeter and the successful drive into North Korea in October 1950.

In a sudden and unexpected reversal however, an overwhelming number of Chinese Communist troops crossed the Yalu river and pushed back United Nations forces all along the front. The 25th Division was forced to withdraw and take up defensive positions on November 30, 1950. Eventually these lines also failed but after a series of short withdrawals a permanent battle line was established south of Osan.

A new offensive by the United Nations troops launched January 15, 1951 successfully completed the recapture of Inchon and Kimpo Air Base on February 10, 1951. This was the first of several successful assaults against Chinese and North Korean forces that helped turn the tide of war in the United Nations’ favor.

It was during this offensive action by United Nations forces that Cpl. Henry Middlebrooks was killed in action. Nothing more is known of the circumstances of his death.

As a result of the heroic conduct of its men during the intense combat in which they were engaged in Korea five men from Cpl. Middlebrooks 27th Regiment – the Wolfhounds – were awarded the Medal Of Honor.

Posthumously Corporal Henry E. Middlebrooks was awarded a Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Man Badge, Korean Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, National Service Defense Medal, Korean Presidential Unit Citation and the Republic Of Korea War Service Medal.

He is buried in the Maddox Cemetery on South Sixth Street, Spalding County.