Corporal Warren Eugene Kenerly

Our Hometown Heroes

Warren Eugene Kenerly

Army Intelligence Group in Vietnam

U.S. Army Corporal Warren Eugene Kenerly helped gather intelligence information on the enemy during the Vietnam War. Kenerly was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Kenerly of 58 Bleachery Street, Griffin, on February 6, 1948. The young Griffin man joined the army on April 10, 1967, at nineteen years old.

Cpl. Kenerly began his tour of Vietnam on September 4, 1967. He was killed in action on January 31, 1968, five months after reporting to duty. He was killed in what is known of as the TET Offensive. The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army went on a campaign of surprise attacks of U.S. strongholds within South Vietnam. It was one of the largest offensive operations of the entire Vietnam War.

For his bravery and heroism, Cpl. Kenerly was awarded the Purple Heart, the Vietnam Service Medal, the Vietnam Campaign Medal and the National Defense Service Medal.

Cpl. Kenerly’s wife, Glenda, was notified of his death. He is buried in Griffin Memorial Gardens. Kenerly’s name is also listed on the Vietnam Wall Monument in Washington, D.C.